7 Tips to Lose Weight without Dieting!


7 Tips to Lose Weight without Dieting!

Yes, you can definitely do that! A lot of people say that without dieting, you cannot lose weight. You might be thinking that okay, without dieting,

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Yes, you can definitely do that! A lot of people say that without dieting, you cannot lose weight. You might be thinking that okay, without dieting, it would take me 3-4 years to shed off the fats present in my body. Well, not really 3-4 years! But, it’s better to lose weight slowly & gradually. Why? Because it will help you avoid regaining your weight again up to an extent.

Here are those 7 tips that actually works to lose weight:

1. Gulp down a full glass of water the moment you wake up

It works like magic! Last night since the moment you had dinner, your body is dehydrated. Many feel super hungry when they wake up. It’s a natural phenomenon to feel hungry but, one should first drink a glass of water before they enjoy their breakfast. Drinking water instantly makes your stomach feel semi-full, thus bringing your hunger levels down.

2. Never. We repeat, never skip/avoid your breakfast!

Breakfast is the nitro boost to your sports car. Undoubtedly, it’s the most significant meal of your day. A protein-rich breakfast will boost your energy levels. Avoid skipping breakfast and you will end up eating random & junk items because you are hungry now. 

3. Go for a walk every day.

Want your body to stay energetic all day? Get up and hit your nearest park or garden! Walking is by far the most effective exercise that can help you lose weight. It boosts your blood flow, stretches your muscles, and helps you burn your calories. 

4. Make the most of your calories to lose weight.

You must spend your calories smartly. Avoid intake of sugar-dominated & junk foods. Eating more of them will constantly make you crave more food at random hours of the day. Instead, focus on consuming less-fat and protein-rich foods to keep your stomach satisfied for the day. 

5. Prepare your Meal Chart for the week in advance.

This will directly help you avoid random picking of junk foods when you feel hungry. It’s wise & smart to prepare your meal chart for breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner. Also, it will lead you to pre-defined calorie intake and consumption of nutritious food. 

6. Reduce your serving from the plate.

Less consumption will make way for lose of weight slowly & gradually. When you reduce your portion size, you are avoiding the risk of over-eating. Initially, it might seem that you are still hungry. With time, your body will adjust itself with this eco-system of reduced portions of food. 

7. Relax! There are a million others just like you who want to lose weight.

Well, this is not exactly a tip but more of advice. Worrying won’t help you out. It’s just that you need to focus on consuming a healthy diet, some exercise & maintaining peace of mind.