Apples – The King of Autumn!


Apples – The King of Autumn!

Apples, not only Americans, but millions of people across the globe have fallen in love with this sweet, delicious & crunchy fruit.  Howe

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Apples, not only Americans, but millions of people across the globe have fallen in love with this sweet, delicious & crunchy fruit. 

However, while you feel the nostalgia and the fun that you experienced last time while enjoying this fruit, let’s take a look at some crazy facts about apples: 

1. There are over 8000+ varieties of Apple present

Woah! How many of them have you tasted? Also, out of these 8000, the US alone grows 2500+ varieties of this amazing fruit. Now, that’s great food for thought! 

India also boasts of approximately 20+ varieties. Among Indians, the Kashmiri Apples are the most famous as they provide rich nutritional value. 

2. It takes approx. 4-7 years for an apple tree to bear its first fruit 

Research says that a standard apple tree may start bearing results in 4-8 years whereas, a dwarf tree may take a bit lesser amount of time. 

Also, the bearing of fruits depends on the environment and how adaptable & susceptible the trees are to insects and other various organisms.

3. Apples float in the air! Yes, you read that right

Your delicious fruit contains 25% air thus allowing it to float on the surface of the water. 

Also, apple’s friend, Pumpkin which is also a fruit of Autumn, floats because of its hollow density from inside. Apples are less dense than water which restricts them from sinking.

4. A glass of fresh apple juice can cure 8+ health problems!

Constipation, skin dullness, dehydration, diarrhea, lung cancer; you name it and apple juice is ready to fight against all your problems.  

However, the consumption of apples and their juice is fine until taken in a prescribed or limited amount. 

5. Kazakhstan – The birthplace of Apples.

We know that this might sound surprising but yes, apples are native to Kazakhstan and not North America! 

Their origin can be traced back to a wild variety of species named Malus sieversii. To date, it can be found in the mountains of Kazakhstan. 

6. 1.849kg – The weight of the world’s heaviest Apple!

That’s quite heavy! In the year 2005, Chisato Iwasaki grew & picked the world’s heaviest apple at his apple trees farm in Japan. 

Later on, it was acknowledged and registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

7. All the apples that you eat are – Handpicked! 

Yes! This is because, unlike other fruits and vegetables, no systematic & efficient machinery can harvest and pick apples. 

Hence, everywhere in the world, the apples are handpicked by farm owners and later on processed and shipped to different business owners. 

8. Approximately, 87 million tonnes of apples are produced every year

Gigantic numbers! China is the leading producer of apples with around 44 million tonnes per year. 

United States of America, Poland & Turkey follow as the 2nd, 3rd & 4th highest producers respectively. 

9. England – The birthplace of your sizzling Apple Pie

As per the historical dates and events, England was the place where Apple Pie originated. 

A lot of researchers say that it was discovered by mixing wheat, flour, and of course apples, which resulted in the birth of this lip-smacking dessert. 

10. Refrain from eating those Apple seeds. They can be deadly!

Apple seeds are said to contain a substance/poison called “Cynaide”. Researchers claim it to be deadly to the extent resulting in the death of a person if consumed more than 200+ seeds. 

However, humans generally don’t consume apple seeds but this is just a finding that needs to be taken care of and remembered. 

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