Beauty Tips for Women inclined towards Screentime!


Beauty Tips for Women inclined towards Screentime!

These days, it's tough to avoid spending hours in front of a phone or computer and increasing screentime. We are aware that exposure to this radiati

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These days, it’s tough to avoid spending hours in front of a phone or computer and increasing screentime. We are aware that exposure to this radiation increases the risk of developing skin cancer. But we can’t argue that we weren’t forewarned about the radiation-related side effects of computers and spending over screentime! While technology cannot be avoided, there are steps you may take to lessen its damaging effects on your skin. Continue reading for some advice on how to shield your skin from the harm that screentime can do.

For employment and other reasons, we must spend hours each day in front of the computer (read Netflix and Facebook). Now, the skin could suffer greatly from this. As it emits some harmful rays, prolonged computer use can adversely impair and injure the skin.

Let’s discuss a few things you should do in this piece to maintain healthy, bright skin while on screentime.

1. Put on SPF

Wear a moisturizer with SPF if you spend the day being exposed to radiation brought on by technology. Every hour, moisturize your skin with a product with an SPF because radiation can be just as harmful to your skin as UV rays. We advise using a product that also has anti-aging ingredients to prevent premature skin aging, which is a side effect of radiation exposure.

When you sit in front of a screen like that, wearing SPF is crucial. The damaging rays emitted by the laptop screen are lessened with the use of sunscreen. Wearing an SPF 30 is essential, even if you work from home. Reapply the SPF every two to three hours as well.

2. Take out time for yourself

The circadian rhythm is the name of the biological clock. To feel alert and to induce sleep, it employs light and darkness. While all types of light disrupt the cycle, blue light has a unique impact. Blue light interferes with melatonin production, which in turn affects the circadian rhythm.

Take a 10- to 15-minute pause between tasks. This will prevent ongoing skin damage from radiation. A few tasks can also be completed with a pen and paper; use those instead. Instead of reading a PDF, read a book. Even though you might not be able to totally stop the harm, you can definitely cut it down.

3. Use a toner

When you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, your skin becomes dry. Therefore, applying a toner to refresh the skin is essential. It is preferable to use toner without alcohol. Use it both in the morning before applying sunscreen and in the evening when you return home from work. You may also use a moisturising gel to your face as a pack to replace moisture as your skin dries up.

The heat from a computer promotes skin dryness in addition to all the other negative consequences, so you must restore your skin’s moisture balance. To stay hydrated, we advise consuming at least 2 litres of water daily. To keep your face moisturised, you can continue on apply a moisturiser to it. Your skin will be better hydrated by a moisturiser with a water base.

4. Use Anti-Aging Items

When you expose your skin to the radiation from laptops and computers, it begins to age more quickly. Wrinkles and fine lines develop more quickly than they should. In such circumstances, you must begin utilising anti-aging treatments earlier in order to prevent this. Try including one or two anti-aging products in your skin care regimen, if not all. You’ll benefit from longer-lasting skin radiance thanks to this.

5. Moisturizers and serums rich in antioxidants

Moisturizing prevents dry skin and increases skin elasticity, giving you younger-looking skin. The general idea is to select one that complements your skin tone. For instance, a water-based lotion will prevent you from looking greasy all day long if you have oily skin. Heavier creams will work nicely and effectively moisturize dry skin. There are moisturizers available today for all different types of skin. Antioxidants should be used to protect your skin from radiation damage. For the evening, try to utilize serums and moisturizers that are high in antioxidants. Your skin will be pampered by these products overnight, and it will glow in the morning.

The most crucial aspect of applying serums, ampoules, creams, or face masks is to do so correctly. Be aware that thicker consistency products should be applied last in a skincare routine for best results. Additionally, it’s preferable to utilise some active ingredients—like vitamin C and retinol—at night because sunlight interferes with their ability to accomplish their jobs.

6. Wash and Massage your face after screentime

You should constantly cleanse your face in addition to taking pauses from the screen. As you spend more time in front of the screen, radical particles accumulate on your face. Additionally, you’ll feel revived and energized after doing this. Additionally, keeping the screen 18 inches away from the body is advised.

Your skin becomes fatigued and drab after prolonged computer use. You must enhance the circulation in order to revitalize it. Nothing serves this function more well than a nice massage. When massaging the face, use a high-quality gel or cream-based product. A roller-massager can also be used to massage the face. Additionally to calming the skin, it increases circulation.

7. Use Ice after Screentime

Another excellent method to unwind and chill the overworked skin is to apply ice to the entire face. Ice can be placed directly on the face or can be applied after being wrapped in a soft towel. In addition to cooling the skin, this also has a calming effect. It is a fantastic method for overcoming the fatigue brought on by using a computer screen.

8. Apply Cucumber on Eyes and Under Eye Gel

Your eyes, in addition to your skin, are also impacted by this process. It often appears sluggish and worn out. Applying sliced cucumbers is a terrific way to soothe any inflammation and to relax the eyes. You may also try using potato slices. The juices help to lighten the area around the eyes by soothing the skin there.

You want to use an under-eye gel to ward off wrinkles around your eyes. Since you have to squint to look at the screen, this can cause wrinkles around your eyes. Applying gel or lotion under your eyes will therefore shield you from such things and stop your eyes from becoming watery.

Conclusion on Screentime:

You shouldn’t omit the necessary steps even though you spend the day at home without screentime. The difficulty with a skincare programme is maintaining discipline. The finest outcomes require consistency because healthy skin does not appear over night. Choosing the appropriate cosmetics for your skin type is important as well. Using the proper products ensures that everything you put on your skin helps to give it the best possible appearance as well as protect from computers screentime.

Your skin ages and dulls when you spend a lot of time in front of a computer. You must enhance circulation in order to revitalise it. Nothing works better for this than a relaxing massage. When you have some downtime in between, massage your face. When massaging the face, use a high-quality gel or cream-based product. A roller massager can also be used to massage the face. Additionally to calming the skin, it increases circulation.