Dhaba Style Chicken Curry Recipe!

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Dhaba Style Chicken Curry Recipe!

Dhaba Style Chicken Curry is a rustic Punjabi chicken curry served at the dhabas (road side diners) in North India. Oily, spicy and full of robust fl

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Dhaba Style Chicken Curry is a rustic Punjabi chicken curry served at the dhabas (road side diners) in North India. Oily, spicy and full of robust flavors, dhaba chicken curry is ready under an hour needing no marination or grinding of spice pastes! India cuisine, there are countless chicken curry recipes. Chicken curry is comfort food and as with most classic dishes, the recipes vary from cook to cook. Depending on who is making it, the region of India and what is available seasonally or locally, there are ton of ways a single chicken curry recipe is made in our kitchens.

Chicken Curry

An appetizing photograph featuring chicken curry served in a bowl and on a plate, accompanied by lemon slices and green chilies. The bowl contains a flavorful and aromatic chicken curry, cooked to perfection with a blend of spices, herbs, and a rich gravy.

This Dhaba Style Chicken Curry represents every road trip we’ve taken with our families. It’s hot and fragrant, and it is in creation with ground spices, onions, and tomatoes, and it is ready in under 45 minutes. This dish can be made in a classic pressure cooker, an instant pot, or on the stovetop. For the unfamiliar, dhabas are roadside restaurants that can be in search all across the country, and their food is distinctive. Hell, the experience is one-of-a-kind and must try. As you drive along the roadway, you’ll see small mud shacks with only chaarpai’s (rope and wooden cots) and a wooden plank for a table. Truck drivers and budget travelers who are looking for meals that reminds them of home frequent them.

Ingredients for Chicken Curry:

  • Whole Spices Chicken Ginger Garlic Paste
  • Lime Juice
  • Mustard Oil
  • Onions with ginger and garlic
  • Chilies (Green)
  • Spices that have been ground tempering

Directions How to Make:

1. Ginger garlic paste, lime juice, and salt are in use to marinate the chicken. This imparts flavour from within, and the acid aids in the tenderization of the meat.

2. With a little water, grind the ginger, garlic, green chilies, and onions to a paste. This is the curry’s foundation.

3. Using a mortar pestle, pound spices coarsely to break them down and release their flavour. To temper them, saute them in heated oil.

4. In a skillet, brown the onion paste in oil seasoned with whole spices. This is a slow cooking method in which the onion paste is cook on a low temperature until it turns a rich golden brown colour. When you notice a tiny film of oil floating on the top and sides, you know it’s through and no longer raw.

5. Cook the tomatoes and spices together for a few minutes, or until the tomatoes are soft and pulpy. In the onion tomato mixture, roast the chicken with garam masala, turning it for a minute or two until the gravy coats all the pieces.

6. Intensity 15 minutes in the oven If using a classic pressure cooker, start on high heat and lower to low after the first whistle. Wait until two more whistles have been hear before turning off the flame. Allow the pressure to naturally dissipate. Pressure cook the chicken curry in the instant pot for 8 minutes on high.

7. In butter and ghee, temper julienned ginger and slit green chillies. This adds a depth of flavour and a hint of ginger to the dish. Serve chicken curry with a dollop of tempering on top. For added freshness and flavour, add some chopped coriander.