Foot massage for pressure points and realising stress!


Foot massage for pressure points and realising stress!

A foot massage is one of the few massage styles that feels as good as it does! A growing collection of medical research and some traditional practise

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A foot massage is one of the few massage styles that feels as good as it does! A growing collection of medical research and some traditional practises even imply that massage particular pressure points on your foot can treat illnesses that affect whole different sections of your body. Reflexology is the idea that applying pressure to specific locations on your feet helps treat problems elsewhere. When there is excessive internal tension present, your body has a unique way of letting you know. It seems sense that you will feel greater pain the more tight you are, or the more tense your muscles, ligaments, and other types of fibres are.

Here are 5 massages you can perform in the comfort of your own home to treat your heel and remove this tension:

1. If you Worry

By rubbing pressure points on your foot near your toes, you can reduce anxiety.

How to: Curl your foot’s toes until a little depression forms beneath the ball of your foot. Now put your thumb on this depression and use circular motions to gently massage the region.

2. Foot Massage For Anxiety

This massage technique can be used to relieve stress and tension.

How to: Place one hand on the top of your foot and the other on the rear. Now use your thumb to softly rub the heel of the foot in a circular motion.

3. Foot Massage for Headache Relief

Headaches, tension, and toe cramps can all be relieved by massaging your toes.

How to: Place your other hand’s thumb on the top of the big toe while holding the foot with one hand under the arch. Pull the toe from top to bottom while firmly rotating it to one side. The opposite foot toes should be used in the same manner.

4. Foot Massage For All-around Pain

Any type of physical pain can be eliminated with the help of this straightforward workout.

How to: Place a tennis or golf ball on the floor beneath your foot while sitting on a chair or sofa. Every day for 3 to 5 minutes, kick the ball around with your foot.

5. Foot Massage For Lower Back Discomfort

Reflexology may be a more effective treatment for lower back pain than directly rubbing the painful area, according to some studies.

How to: Pay close attention to the pressure spots on your foot arches. Put a few drops of oil or lubricants in your hand, then use your thumb to gently massage this region. Short strokes with your thumb should be made from the heel to the toes.

Major Takeaways:

To reap the greatest benefits, it is crucial to create a tranquil environment. Clean your feet well, then pat them dry. For foot massage, you can use lubricants or oil. There is growing research that suggests massaging the pressure points on your feet may have health benefits. And regardless of what science says, it feels great! Enjoy discovering your pressure spots and figuring out what pressure angles and amounts work best for you. An additional note for diabetics: Before massaging, see a doctor because pressure may impact diabetic nerve damage. Our feet take a hammering, that much is certain, and a deep massage will help you forget about other pains because it will make your feet feel so amazing.