Tips to be Happy Alone!


Tips to be Happy Alone!

To be happy alone is a state of mind and not a habit. Don’t worry! We aren’t going to repeat the always floating phrase on social media of Mr. Bean’s

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To be happy alone is a state of mind and not a habit. Don’t worry! We aren’t going to repeat the always floating phrase on social media of Mr. Bean’s life agenda about how he teaches us to enjoy our own company while being alone.

As we move ahead, we are going to discover 4 great tips that can help you stay happy even though being alone! Continue reading till the end… But before that, let us throw some more light on this.

What if a person likes to stay alone? It doesn’t necessarily mean that he is lonely in life. Maybe he enjoys his own company more and better. Well, every alone person has his definition and perspective of staying happy. 

Guess they have figured it out? Yeah, maybe! Also, there exists a very thin line of difference between alone & lonely. 

Being alone simply means that you desire to spend time & listen to your heart more rather than spending time with someone else. Now, this might sound similar to a person who is antisocial, anti-friendly & introverted. Is it? NO! It’s just that they are happy being alone…

While on the other hand, loneliness is a state of mind wherein a person desires someone’s company, someone with whom he can sit calmly and talk to them. 

It is similar to those situations wherein he badly craves for someone while feeling hollow from inside and also wanting to avoid meeting other people. Over the years, there have been a lot of suggestions and theories that tell us about the tips and tricks of staying happy being alone. 

But don’t you feel that they have been shared in the general interest of all?

Anyway, here are the 4 Tips that will help you:

1. Give your thumb some rest from scrolling your social media feeds

We do not mean to say that social media is toxic or bad for your mental health. It’s just that everything that you see on your feed isn’t exactly the same in their lives. 

We need to digest this hard truth that no one shows their downside on social media. Why would they? Logical question, right? While scrolling, at any moment if you feel sad and empty watching people enjoy, just step back and keep your phone aside.

Instead, utilize this time to spend time with yourself. Grab a pen or a pencil and just let your thoughts flow on that piece of paper. Don’t think and just start writing line by line. This will help you in relaxing your mind and fixing your mood.

2. Treat yourself to a date!

Is there anywhere written that the date must involve the presence of 2 human beings? No, right! Then why not treat yourself to a great evening comprising of a movie and a delicious dinner at one of your favorite restaurants? 

Visit any cafe and let the vibe around you enter your mind. Once you get comfortable with it, you won’t feel awkward going out frequently on solo dates! Or if money’s an issue then, go out for a quick walk & enjoy your favorite snack on the way back home at your most loved street food vendor’s joint.

What we exactly mean to say is pamper yourself with the things you love! Research says that taking some time out from your daily schedule regularly is something every human being should do. And if you are someone who likes to stay alone then what else could be better than these ideas? 

3. Appreciate the things around you and be happy alone

Many things make people happy. So now that you are alone, you can pick any of those things to make yourself happy. It could be anything like your pillow, the cute little plant on your work desk or in the living room, etc. These could be things that play an important role in your life like your refrigerator or the TV unit.

When you start acknowledging their roles, your mind feels relaxed thus releasing positive vibes inside you. It helps you develop a set of positive thoughts and affirmations in your mind.

4. Pick up a hobby and perform it regularly and be happy alone

This is one of those common decisions that everyone takes up. And it’s not a wrong habit. By picking up a hobby, it justifies that it is something that you like spending time on. Now that you have already started spending time on your hobby, you are less likely to feel alone and not happy. 

It could be anything that you like such as reading, writing, designing, etc. Try allocating dedicated time slots to your hobby. This will help you in diverting your mind’s energy and attention to your work. Might help.

Also, stop comparing your life with someone else. As the famous proverb says: Everyone is running their race. Comparing will only develop negative traits such as jealousy and wrong attitude towards life & work in you.

So as we conclude these 4 tips, we need to collectively understand as human beings that each one of us is different in his way. Irrespective of all the luxuries in life, some people are alone but happy! The money factor, right? Maybe, yes! Maybe, no!

The point is how you develop your mindset and ignore the negativity around you.

That’s it from our side:)